Storey Tarris UK is a multi -disciplinary artist and art historian based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Salaterre – Let’s Play a Game – 2020


Current Artwork (2020 – Present)

Storey Tarris documents her Edinburgh life in abstract portraits created using a collage technique. The collages are photographed and five versions or the original file are available for sale in sizes A4 to A0.

Melding her digital practice with her offline art practice, Storey’s current artwork continues to delve into the issue of how to make digital art work feel unique once it is uploaded to a computer.

All of Storey’s original collages are documented using a numbering system and are available to view. If you have any questions regarding Storey’s artwork or her art practice, you may contact her Facebook page Storey Tarris Art. 

Art History Work

Storey Tarris created Munich Artists with Dr. Horstkamp and Dr. Kern in Munich, Germany as an art initiative to encourage artists to meet and collaborate on artistic projects.

The Munich Artists art project and website worked from 2013 until 2017 on the premise that all creatives are authorised to create art without having to go through the formal German artistic training at an art academy.  Munich Artists believed and still believes that all artists who are passionate about art can find a niche in the Munich Germany art scene and will find collectors and collaborators interested in their work.

Currently Storey Tarris is responsible for archiving the art groups projects and data at Keys Cube Cat.   We hope to off the site to other artists and art historians as a way to document their art projects.  The Art Groups  website may be found at Munich Artists Blog. 


Commercial Digital Work

Storey Tarris creates digital content through Ann Horstkamp’s Digital Strategy Platform. If you need digital images, video or text for your websites or commercial social media platforms, please connect with Storey on the AnnHorstkamp website.