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165 -Label #9 December 2020
165 -Label #9 December 2020
Storey Tarris

165 -Label #9 December 2020


Mixed media and collage are used in this series to anchor the date and bring a moment captured by a digital photograph back into the real to help express my feelings about current local and global events.Labels Series:

The label series began in Edinburgh during the Covid 19 three tier quarantine restrictions of 2020. Taken advantage of an Amazon Prime account, Storey Tarris ordered online all items she needed for work and for her apartment.

Documenting the deliveries in A3 and A4 art pieces, she incorporated all stickers used to identify the package.

Each package coming to her door has an original identity used by computers to bring it to her studio.  This identity is added to the collage and becomes the basis of a new identity created through the collage.

The label art pieces are part of her diary series and are stamped with the date as a reminder of an event that has happened.  Each piece documents what was brought to her house and what the box contained and on some instances, a diary note on the back.

The theme of time and identity runs through her current series of collage pieces which documents the date and takes her digitally printed artwork and makes it a new unique artwork.

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A4 Collage
29.7 x 21 cm