Edinburgh 2020

Edinburgh Digital Art and Collage Series

The art pieces included in the Edinburgh Series are inspired by walks through UK Cities and the need to make digital art feel real.

The digital print is the basis of the art pieces in the series and determines what colour ink and size paper will be used and how the art piece will be collaged and inked.  The Edinburgh art pieces are incorporated into the Diary Series which documents Storey Tarris’s life and her inability to remember small everyday events. The themes of time, remembrance and identity run through all the art pieces of her current work.

Each piece using photography that is inked and penned is original and belongs to a series of art pieces labelled Edinburgh.

Digital Collages are sometimes created using more than one original Storey Tarris digital photograph or digital screenshots taken on tablet device.

The digital collages are considered art pieces on their own and may be offered for sale as an original digital print to the collector who purchased the collaged piece. 

If a digital collage is used in an art piece, it is offered for sale to the collectors as an art piece to the collector who purchased the collaged piece using the digital collage.

The original digital photographs taken by Storey Tarris and used in the art series are archived at the end of the diary month.  The archived photograph is not used for another art series and will not be for sale as an original art piece except to collectors who have purchased a piece containing the photograph.


Those specific collectors who have purchased a collage containing digital material may request one art print of the photo, photo collage or digital art collage used in the art piece.  The digital art will be printed in the same size as the collage piece and the digital print is not included in the price of the artwork for sale.  A price for the digital print depends on the type of print requested by the collector.