Labels by Storey Tarris

Documenting package deliveries in A3 and A4 art pieces, Storey Tarris incorporates all stickers used to identify a package into an abstract.   Storey removes all stickers that identify the object inside including stickers that may be found on the inside packaging.

Each package has an original identity used by computers to bring it to Storey Tarris’s studio. This technological identity is added to the collage as a starting point for the abstract and becomes the basis of a new identity created through the collage.

The label art pieces are part of Storey Tarris’s diary series. Each piece is stamped with the date as a reminder of an event that has happened. Each artwork documents what the box contained and in some instances, a diary note is added on the back.

The theme of time and identity runs through most of Storey Tarris’s current artwork. For more information, please visit