The Beginning of Artwork No. 525, 526, 527

Art Diary Note:

Two of the labels that I worked on today did not have yellow stickers and both of them were marked with a number. 32 &33.  I usually put little notes on the back of the collages when somethings is different but I didn’t make any notes about the numbers.  Instead, I made sure you could see them.

Purple is a new colour for my labels.  It was used today on the two labels and I liked how the colour looked.  One of the packages that arrived today had a small video camera 4k. I will start using the new camera for the overhead studio shots of my artwork instead of webcamera I’m currently using.

The three pieces were finished today and I have now added them to my art inventory. I will post photos of the new artwork tomorrow on Saatchi and on my website inventory.

If you see a piece that you like, let me know. All Storey Tarris current artwork is for sale on Saatchi Art but a few pieces are not labeled for sale but may still be available.  You can send me a message on Facebook or to my regular email. 

Studio Diary Note:

My lawn finally drained so when I went out to throw the Amazon boxes into the recycle, my feet did not squish in the mulch. For about two weeks, my foot has made a squishy noise when I hit the first stone on the path leading to the recycle bin. Today, there was no noise.  Someday, I will buy four more slate stones for the path.

Personal Diary Note:

I felt like standing all day. I did not want to sit down.  I ate soup for lunch and I ate a frozen lasagna meal for dinner.  Standing  alone. Eating alone. Creating art alone during a tier three pandemic in Scotland on December 18, 2020.