Storey Tarris is a UK based artist working with digital photography and traditional art mediums. Her artwork explores the uniqueness of digital print and focuses on social commentary, time and memory.

Storey Tarris UK – Commuter Series – (Begun in December 2023)

The current series, Commuter Series, started in December 2023. The almost daily art piece involves an image of a commute through the fireswamp and a commute to London.

The digital images is captured with an iphone and printed on a business grade printer using colour and b/w tone on white 80 gram paper. The printed images are then stamped with the day the image was taken. All documentation about the piece is written on the front in ink.

Some of the images are used for the Salaterre Collaboration project.

Documenting Time through Daily Diary Note – Fire Swamp


Commuter Series – Art project

The commuter series documents a daily commute through the fire swamp and combines digital photography with a business documentation process. All photographs are printed on A4 80g paper and use a date stamp for the exact date the image was photographed. The photos are taking on a daily basis while commuting.

Daily Diary Note | Website & Instagram Feed

Dailydiarynote documents a moment of my day with digital technology.

The Instagram feed now includes the website Daily Diary Note.com

Daily Diary Note Instagram Feed – Storey Tarris Memoir project 2021 – Present

Salaterre Poetry Project

Poetry published on Salaterre Website in a Storeyean Style of 71 words. The poetry uses Storey Tarris UK commuter images as inspiration for Emmy Horstkamp’s written words. The poetry style is a collaboration between the artist Storey Tarris UK and the writer Emmy Horstkamp.


Morning Fire Swamp 2024 Copyright Storey Tarris UK

Week 9 / 52 Commuter Series 2024 by Storey Tarris UK

The Salaterre project is on Week 9. For the last nine weeks, I’ve taken the commuter series photographs and combined them with Emmy Horstkamp’s poetry. The combination will be published in a book in 2026. The photographs are digital and printed on a business printer and stamped with the date. The series documents commuting between …

January / February 2024 / Commuter Series / Poetry Collaboration

Commuter Series January / February 2024 For January and February 2024, I’ve added poetry to my photography art pieces. I write under my regular name because my commercial work is writing and I like keeping my photography and artwork separate on google. Starting in January, I decided to create a collaboration between the two parts …