Commuter Series – Art project

The commuter series documents a daily commute through the fire swamp and combines digital photography with a business documentation process. All photographs are printed on A4 80g paper and use a date stamp for the exact date the image was photographed. The photos are taking on a daily basis while commuting.

Daily Diary Note | Website & Instagram Feed

Dailydiarynote documents a moment of my day with digital technology.

The Instagram feed now includes the website Daily Diary

Daily Diary Note Instagram Feed – Storey Tarris Memoir project 2021 – Present

Salaterre Poetry Project

Poetry published on Salaterre Website in a Storeyean Style of 71 words. The poetry uses Storey Tarris UK commuter images as inspiration for Emmy Horstkamp’s written words. The poetry style is a collaboration between the artist Storey Tarris UK and the writer Emmy Horstkamp.