Week 9 / 52 Commuter Series 2024 by Storey Tarris UK

The Salaterre project is on Week 9.

For the last nine weeks, I’ve taken the commuter series photographs and combined them with Emmy Horstkamp’s poetry. The combination will be published in a book in 2026.

The photographs are digital and printed on a business printer and stamped with the date. The series documents commuting between two locations. Currently the commute is between locations in the fire swamp and Cambridge / London.

The photos are all digital and keep the following data:

  • The date
  • The time
  • The camera / device
  • the lens distance ex 24mm f1.78
  • the image size ex 12mp 3kx4k
  • ISO 250
  • The location in the fireswamp
  • The number of the photo in my photo database for that device

When I print the photo on the business photo and do not edit the photo, the business printer for some reason has been printing a small version of the photo. This is being documented in the series.

I have a few coloured prints available a month and this is also documented in my printing of the art pieces.

I am still working in a non ink friendly location so the abstract version of commuting is not available.

January / February 2024 / Commuter Series / Poetry Collaboration

Commuter Series January / February 2024

For January and February 2024, I’ve added poetry to my photography art pieces. I write under my regular name because my commercial work is writing and I like keeping my photography and artwork separate on google.

Starting in January, I decided to create a collaboration between the two parts of my mind, visual and words. The collaboration is documented on Salaterre.

For Salaterre, I take a daily photograph and write one to five poems. The poetry is a combination of Haiku, Storeyean and free verse.

The poetry and art photography pieces focus on a daily commute from the fireswamp. So far, I have a daily photograph from the last three months of commuting through the fire swamp.

Storey Tarris UK / Commuter Series / February 2024
Commuter Series / Storey Tarris UK / January 2024

The stamping of the photographs is a continuation of my date stamping from Edinburgh where I kept track of my memoir diary with the date stamp.

The only difference in my current practice is that I date stamp the date the digiital image tells me for the photograph, not necessarily the day that I print the image. I only change the date on my stamper to the next day, I am not rolling back time.

I print the images whenever I’m at the office in Cambridge. Because I’m in London two days a week, some images are stamped on Wednesday or Thursday which are my catch-up days for printing images.

All my images are digital and taken on an iphone. Most of the stamped prints are in black and white from the business printer. I’ve added a few image as digital assets to PeaPodPen and I’m working on a poetry/photo book for 2025.

Commuter series | January 2024 | Printed on Business Printer |

Commuter Series Started December 2023. Current digital photo project by Storey Tarris UK

In December, I started a new digital photography series documenting a daily commute in the UK from the Fire Swamp.

The series is printed on a Business printer with a maximum prints allowed by my business pass. The current number per month is 120 black and white prints and 20 colour prints. The prints are high quality laser printed on HP. I decided to divide the number by days that I’m in the business work space. The approximate number per day is between 2 – 4 prints.

I print each day photos from the prior evening and any day that I am not in the business space.

The series is a continuation of the memory series from Edinburgh. The current series does not use art ink but still includes the documentation date stamp.

The photographs are being used on Salaterre.com in a collaboration with Emmy Horstkamp’s poetry. The poetry is focused on the image and morning commuting.