January / February 2024 / Commuter Series / Poetry Collaboration

Commuter Series January / February 2024

For January and February 2024, I’ve added poetry to my photography art pieces. I write under my regular name because my commercial work is writing and I like keeping my photography and artwork separate on google.

Starting in January, I decided to create a collaboration between the two parts of my mind, visual and words. The collaboration is documented on Salaterre.

For Salaterre, I take a daily photograph and write one to five poems. The poetry is a combination of Haiku, Storeyean and free verse.

The poetry and art photography pieces focus on a daily commute from the fireswamp. So far, I have a daily photograph from the last three months of commuting through the fire swamp.

Storey Tarris UK / Commuter Series / February 2024
Commuter Series / Storey Tarris UK / January 2024

The stamping of the photographs is a continuation of my date stamping from Edinburgh where I kept track of my memoir diary with the date stamp.

The only difference in my current practice is that I date stamp the date the digiital image tells me for the photograph, not necessarily the day that I print the image. I only change the date on my stamper to the next day, I am not rolling back time.

I print the images whenever I’m at the office in Cambridge. Because I’m in London two days a week, some images are stamped on Wednesday or Thursday which are my catch-up days for printing images.

All my images are digital and taken on an iphone. Most of the stamped prints are in black and white from the business printer. I’ve added a few image as digital assets to PeaPodPen and I’m working on a poetry/photo book for 2025.