Commuter series | January 2024 | Printed on Business Printer |

Commuter Series Started December 2023. Current digital photo project by Storey Tarris UK

In December, I started a new digital photography series documenting a daily commute in the UK from the Fire Swamp.

The series is printed on a Business printer with a maximum prints allowed by my business pass. The current number per month is 120 black and white prints and 20 colour prints. The prints are high quality laser printed on HP. I decided to divide the number by days that I’m in the business work space. The approximate number per day is between 2 – 4 prints.

I print each day photos from the prior evening and any day that I am not in the business space.

The series is a continuation of the memory series from Edinburgh. The current series does not use art ink but still includes the documentation date stamp.

The photographs are being used on in a collaboration with Emmy Horstkamp’s poetry. The poetry is focused on the image and morning commuting.