Week 9 / 52 Commuter Series 2024 by Storey Tarris UK

The Salaterre project is on Week 9.

For the last nine weeks, I’ve taken the commuter series photographs and combined them with Emmy Horstkamp’s poetry. The combination will be published in a book in 2026.

The photographs are digital and printed on a business printer and stamped with the date. The series documents commuting between two locations. Currently the commute is between locations in the fire swamp and Cambridge / London.

The photos are all digital and keep the following data:

  • The date
  • The time
  • The camera / device
  • the lens distance ex 24mm f1.78
  • the image size ex 12mp 3kx4k
  • ISO 250
  • The location in the fireswamp
  • The number of the photo in my photo database for that device

When I print the photo on the business photo and do not edit the photo, the business printer for some reason has been printing a small version of the photo. This is being documented in the series.

I have a few coloured prints available a month and this is also documented in my printing of the art pieces.

I am still working in a non ink friendly location so the abstract version of commuting is not available.